Erol Sander can be seen again as Frank Giese in “Everything that counts”. How does the actor return to his villain role?

Erol Sander (53) will slip back into the role of gangster Frank Giese. From episode 3,952 (May 30, 7:05 p.m.) the actor celebrates his comeback in the RTL Daily “Everything that counts”. “As an actor, I really like to play different roles. I actually developed a taste for the villain,” Sander said in a statement on his return. How is Frank Giese stirring up the center this time?

Gangsters in court

Frank Giese, who made life difficult for the Steinkamps with blackmail and kidnapping, is on trial. He puts a heavy burden on Maximilian von Altenburg (Francisco Medina, 45), because he too has a lot on his plate with diamond theft, prison escape and faking his own death.

Nathalie von Altenburg (Amrei Haardt, 32) is shocked because Giese finally kidnapped her and blackmailed her husband Maximilian. Above all, Giese wants to use the tense situation between Maximilian and Nathalie for himself and tries to play the two off against each other – a sophisticated game of intrigue begins.

According to the announcement, Sander will also appear in the 4,000 episode of “AWZ” that will be broadcast on August 5th. “Everything that counts”, produced by UFA Serial Drama, always runs from Monday to Friday at 7:05 p.m. on RTL and anytime on RTL.