Uli Hoeneß has made serious accusations against Bayern professional Niklas Süle because he voluntarily gave up his last game for Bayern. The international now countered with a correction.

A bit of dirty laundry is washed during this separation: Niklas Süle, who is still a Bayern professional, resisted allegations made by Honorary President Uli Hoeneß in particular about the championship celebrations last Sunday. Süle voluntarily gave up the last game in Wolfsburg — it would have been the last game in the FC Bayern jersey before he left Borussia Dortmund. Hoeneß called the decision “catastrophic” and accused the professional of not showing “appreciation” to FC Bayern.

Hoeneß was alluding to Süle’s reasoning, which he had given weeks ago for leaving Munich. Süle said at the time that he felt no “appreciation” from the club.

Niklas Süle: Nagelsmann also protected him

Now Süle countered in the “Bild” newspaper and explained why he didn’t travel to Wolfsburg: “That’s not true. Things were said about me last weekend that just didn’t fit. You know: last Thursday Julian Nagelsmann asked me if it was okay for me not to be in the squad against Wolfsburg. He wanted to reward young players who are at Bayern next season and let them go first. So there was no place for me in the squad “I put up with that and accepted that because I understood the decision. So it was a decision made by the coaching team, who for understandable reasons didn’t want me in the squad. On Friday, one of our assistant coaches said, as Marcel Sabitzer had injured himself shortly before departure, that I could come with you if I wanted to. But it’s also okay if not. That was the story.”

Coach Julian Nagelsmann also stood by Süle. “By the way, Julian Nagelsmann said in front of the entire team that I hadn’t done anything wrong and that he was sorry for what happened to me with this story. Everyone from the team and from the team around it knows that I’ll never let them down would have left,” said the national player.

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