After the salmonella outbreak, the factory of the chocolate manufacturer Ferrero in Arlon, Belgium, had to close. However, other illnesses cannot be ruled out.

In connection with the salmonella outbreak surrounding Ferrero chocolate products, EU authorities have now registered 266 confirmed cases. There are also 58 suspected cases, as the EU health authority ECDC announced on Wednesday in Stockholm.

More than a dozen European countries are affected, including Germany. In most cases, children under the age of ten are affected. Many of them had to be hospitalized. The agency will continue to monitor developments.

During the factory operator’s own checks in Arlon, the bacterium Salmonella Typhimurium was discovered in a buttermilk tank in December 2021. The company has implemented hygiene measures, increased sampling and testing of the products and the processing environment. After negative salmonella tests, the chocolate products were then sold throughout Europe and worldwide. The first positive salmonella sample was taken in Great Britain on December 21, where an increase in cases of infection was reported in mid-February.

In April, the children’s chocolate manufacturer Ferrero had to close the factory on official orders. All Kinder chocolate products manufactured and shipped from Arlon have been recalled. This has reduced the risk of further cases, the ECDC statement said. However, they could continue to occur due to the long shelf life and possible storage of the products at home. There is also the possibility that cases have not been registered.