Gerhard Schröder has long been criticized for his work for Russian state-owned companies. Now several applications for the SPD party exclusion are to be negotiated. However, later than planned.

The oral hearing of the SPD sub-district of the Hanover region on several motions to expel former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder from the party has been postponed.

Because a member of the arbitration commission was ill, the appointment could not take place on June 15 as planned, said the managing director of the Hanover party district, Christoph Matterne, on Thursday. The party’s public hearing is now scheduled to take place on June 22 (1:30 p.m.) in the Kurt Schumacher House in Hanover.

Will Schröder come to the hearing?

It is unclear whether Schröder himself will appear at the hearing. The magazine “Der Spiegel” reported last week that the former Chancellor would stay away from the appointment and would not be legally represented.

Schröder has been criticized for years for his commitment to Russian state-owned companies. After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the pressure on him had recently increased.

The arbitration commission of the SPD sub-district Hannover region is responsible for the party organization procedure because Schröder is a member of the associated SPD local association Oststadt-Zoo.