Stiftung Warentest brings new televisions into the laboratory several times a year. The best of the best have now been selected just in time for Christmas shopping. And there are bargains too.

It is one of the core competencies of Stiftung Warentest: For years, new televisions have been set up in the secret test laboratory, their qualities and weaknesses checked – in order to then make recommendations several times a year. At the end of the year, the best models of the year were brought together, from 42 to 65 inches.


The fact that all 51 televisions are rated “good” in a leaderboard is not surprising in itself – after all, it is a targeted selection. It was a little less to be expected that there would be such a clear winner in this broad field: the best model in every single size comes from LG. However, there is a simple reason for this: the South Korean group had a de facto monopoly on OLED displays in TV size for a long time, all other manufacturers bought from LG. Samsung has only recently started offering OLED TVs with self-developed displays again.

A clear winner in four sizes

The clear test winner is the C27LA series from LG. The OLED TV takes first place in each of the four sizes tested. The picture is convincing all along the line, the sound is also impeccable with the large models, and still good with the smaller ones. The testers also like the operation. The overall rating is corresponding: “good” (1.6) is the Warentest rating for the 65-inch model. The starting prices between 1050 and 1900 euros belong to the higher price range in every size.

Even if you don’t want to invest that much, you get great devices, Warentest found out. The price tip for the small models also comes from LG. The LG UP77009LB doesn’t have an OLED panel, but it still offers a good picture. The sound of the 43-inch model is also okay. But the most convincing thing is the price: At 390 euros, the television is the cheapest in the current overview. The overall grade: “good” (2.4).

Economy models are also available with OLED

The price tip for the medium sizes shows that even OLED does not always have to be expensive: Despite its low price from 690 euros, the LG 48A29LA comes with a 48-inch OLED panel. When it comes to sound, the savings model is even better than the first place. With an overall grade of “good” (1.8), he came in second.

The savings tip Panasonic TX-55JXW944 lands a little further behind the 55-inch models, but the overall rating “good” (2.0) is definitely impressive. Picture and sound are good, there are no real weaknesses. Warentest even explicitly praises the lavish equipment of the device. At a price starting at 850 euros, this is not a matter of course.

If you add 120 euros, you already get the price tip in 65 inches: The sister model Panasonic TX-65JXW944 performs exactly as well, but has 25 centimeters more screen diagonal. And is therefore the only large one under 1000 euros.

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