Do you like to gamble? Whether you prefer the PC or a console, there are numerous gaming accessories that make gaming more convenient and fun. Read here which ones are worthwhile.

No matter what hardware you prefer, gaming accessories can enhance the gaming experience. Gadgets like a decent gaming mouse or keyboard are essential, others like a console steering wheel are a matter of taste.

Gaming accessories for console gamers

Whether you prefer PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, everyone who buys a console also thinks about possible accessories. To make your decision easier, here is a list of the most important gaming accessories.


Multiplayer games require communication with other players. In order to be able to react quickly and hear everything, a headset with a microphone is recommended. Of course, it is also suitable for single players, because the headset blocks out ambient noise and the sound design of the game comes into its own. If you want to spend a little more money, you can also invest in a wireless headset, which makes playing with the console easier because there are no cables or distances to consider.

gaming steering wheel

Racing games like Gran Turismo or Dirt Rally feel much more realistic when a gaming steering wheel is used instead of a controller. The steering wheel enables an exciting racing simulation and immerses the player even more deeply in the game.

Gaming TV

When it comes to a gaming TV, the bigger the better. However, a detailed resolution and low latency are just as important. The LG TV 49UM71007LB is well suited for beginners. The price and the built-in game mode should convince, because the latency is reduced to under 20 milliseconds in game mode. This should ensure a low input lag and successful coordinated actions on the controller.

Gaming accessories for PC gamers

If you prefer to gamble on the PC, there are other gaming accessories. At the forefront: gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and gaming monitor.

gaming keyboard

When every millisecond counts, the technology has to work and react at lightning speed. This high-quality mechanical gaming keyboard with a low-profile tactile GL-key switch, five programmable G-keys and colored lighting should make playing much better straight away.


However, not only the right keyboard decides on victory and defeat, but also the gaming mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 600 offers two sensors, one of which only takes care of the lift-off distance, which should ensure more precision. This means that when the sensor reaches a certain distance from the ground, it stops scanning the surface and the mouse pointer stops. The gaming mouse has seven programmable buttons, three of which serve as thumb buttons and can be assigned self-configured macros. Eight-zone RGB lighting also ensures an attractive look.


A gaming monitor has to be big, because only then can you immerse yourself properly in the game and see every detail. Many players therefore appreciate curved displays, because they ensure a holistic gaming experience. The distance to the monitor is therefore also crucial. For example, if you play at your desk and use a large monitor, you should use a 4K resolution to get a sharp picture.


As a player, you have to listen carefully because quick action is a must in most games. So the slightest noise can give an important clue and trigger the next action. As with gaming with the console, a gaming headset is therefore recommended. Another advantage: If you own a good gaming headset, you also protect your fellow players from noise and incomprehensible transmissions.


A gaming mouse pad creates a smooth surface for the gaming mouse and keyboard. It is therefore important that it is of sufficient size. The mouse pad also looks good because you can choose between numerous color modes.

Note: The article was first published in May 2020.

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