The Playstation 5 has quite a lot on the box. But not every feature is self-explanatory. With these ten tricks you will have more fun with the new console.

The Playstation 5 is a great piece of technology – and was also fully convincing in our test. But many functions are hidden a little better than they should be. With the ten tips and tricks below, you can have even more fun with little effort.

transfer data

If you already own a Playstation 4, you can treat the PS5 as a seamless sequel. If you log into your Playstation account, you have not only taken all the trophies with you – you can clone the entire console including games and scores. This is offered during setup, otherwise the option can be found in the settings under “System”, “System update” and “Data transmission”. The fastest way to transfer is via Ethernet cable, but if you want, you can also transfer the data via WiFi This takes time, however, and the saves can also be downloaded directly from the cloud using a USB stick or as a PS Plus subscriber.

Am I really playing the right version?

The selection of exclusive PS5 titles is still limited, many of the games will also appear for the PS4. But be careful: if you accidentally install the version for the old console, many of the optimizations for the PS5 will be lost – and many games will run with less detail or slower frame rates. This can definitely happen: the Playstation does not automatically install the correct version.

To ensure that the correct version is installed, all you have to do is look at the game icon on the home screen. If it says “PS4” next to it, it’s the old version. The optimized variant can be loaded by selecting the game in the library and pressing the options key.

Don’t miss Astro!

But everyone has one of the most fun games for the PS5: Astro’s Playroom is actually an advertising game for the possibilities of the new DualSense controller. But behind it hides a surprisingly good and also quite demanding game. Anyone who liked Mario and Co. will almost certainly have fun. Everyone else should at least try it.

full control

The DualSense controller is the secret star of the console anyway. But as cool as the differentiated vibrations and the resistance of the keys feel – not everyone likes them to the same extent. It’s good that you can easily change them. In the settings under “Accessories” and “Controller” the vibration and the trigger effect can be adjusted or even switched off completely.

switched off

As a Playstation 4 or Xbox user, turning off the new console is counterintuitive. If you hold down the PS button as usual, you don’t end up in the quick menu – but on the home screen. However, there is no option to turn it off. Instead, it is enough to press the button once briefly. In the quick menu that appears, the shutdown options are located on the far right.

save memory

The built-in hard drive fills up far too quickly thanks to the constantly growing number of games. But it’s even faster because Sony has activated a real memory hog ex works: A small video clip is saved for each trophy. This can be deactivated under “Recordings and transmissions” in the settings and, if desired, a screenshot can be created instead.

More immersion

If you regularly play with headphones, you can switch on an even more immersive gaming experience on the PS5. The Tempest 3D audio technology allows even simple headphones to be equipped with surround sound. To do this, you have to select the option “Activate 3D audio” in the settings under “Sound”. After that, you can adjust the “height” of the sounds in the room in five steps, as it feels most natural.

Play the way I like them

If you like to change the settings in games, you can save a lot of work with the PS5. For the first time, general preferences can be set that then apply to almost all games. For example, you can set the difficulty level up or down by default. To do this, select “Saved data and game/app settings” in the settings and then “Game preferences”. In addition to the level of difficulty, the standard language for games or the decision for the performance or resolution mode can also be preset there. Great: Game spoilers in the menu tiles can also be turned off here. Unfortunately, this only works for PS games.

From the couch to bed

As with the PS4, you are not tied to the TV with the new PS5 either. It is also possible to stream games to a smartphone, tablet or computer using the PS Remote Play app. To do this, load the app and link the console via “System” and “Remote Play”. The transmission also works on a mobile device, but it is better to be in the same WLAN.

Detox fast menu

Not everyone needs every option in the quick menu accessible by a short tap of the PS button. Good thing they can be customized. To do this, tap the options button when the quick menu is open. You can already select or deselect some apps. However, the most important functions such as the shutdown menu cannot be removed.

How long have I been playing?

If you’ve always wondered how much time you really spend on your hobby, you’ll get the hard truth in the library: next to each game is how much playing time you’ve put into it. So you don’t want to look too closely at some of them.