If you want to get sportier in the new year, you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. If you have the self-discipline, a sports app like Apple Fitness will do. There you will start next week with many new offers.

Apple Fitness is a good two years old. In December 2020, Apple released the video-on-demand service with numerous fitness exercise instructions intended to motivate people to do sports under professional guidance at home or on the go. Fitness will start on January 9th with many new offers, trainers and stars to give good intentions a helping hand.

Kickboxing in the living room

Apple is starting with a new activity for those who don’t have expensive vases in their living room: kickboxing. This style of training is designed to help build overall fitness and is coached by two ring trainers themselves: Jamie-Ray Harthorne and Nez Dally. The workouts consist of specific movement sequences, kicks and punches that work best without equipment.

On the other hand, if you have decided to start 2023 more calmly, Apple wants to help you sleep. The existing meditation topics are joined by particularly relaxed courses that are intended to calm and help you fall asleep more easily.

Apple is also bringing new celebs on board whose music can either be used to work out or who share stories from their lives on “Time for Go”. Among them Beyoncé, Jason Segel (“How I Met Your Mother”), Jamie Lee Curtis and Nina Hoss (“Tár”), the first German actress in the program.

With new, so-called collections, Apple also wants to help people to get started with sports activities in the first place. For example, there will be a six-week course with light workouts that is intended to slowly and leisurely introduce those who don’t like exercise to daily exercises.

You can also train without an Apple Watch

Apple Fitness does not depend on the use of an Apple Watch, the workouts are also available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The only disadvantage: Without an Apple Watch, Fitness only calculates the probable calorie consumption for some workouts, while the information with a watch on the wrist is much more precise, Apple explained.

Apple still does not offer any courses in German, all courses – including all instructions – are in English. German subtitles are available as well as sign language.

Apple Fitness costs EUR 9.99 per month or EUR 79.99 per year. A subscription can be shared with up to five other family members. Three months of fitness are included with the purchase of most current Apple products. Fitness is also part of Apple One Premium, the collective subscription for 32 euros per month. If you don’t have a current device, Apple offers a one-month test phase for new customers.