Günther Jauch spoke in the “Maischberger” talk on Tuesday about an emotional memory of Russia and the Second World War.

Günther Jauch (65) shared an emotional memory of Russia and the Second World War as part of his guest appearance in the political talk “Maischberger: Die Woche” in the first on Tuesday evening. Once again the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine was the topic of the show. The open letter from Alice Schwarzer (79) and other celebrities to Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63) was discussed in particular, warning of the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine and the threat of a third world war as a result.

Jauch was also asked for a signature, but said that he was “not that big of a letter signer”. He thought about it a lot and then talked about his relationship with Russia and the subject of war on the show.

Relatives of Jauch fallen in Russia

Two of his uncles fell in Russia during World War II and “are lying in Russian soil,” revealed Jauch, visibly moved: “Another one was surrounded in Stalingrad and didn’t come home from Siberia until the early 1950s.”

Another reason why he is so interested in the topic is his two children, whom he and his wife “adopted from Siberia”. “I was able to talk to Gorbachev about it, and he then told me his stories, so I’m really worried about that,” says Jauch.

In conclusion, Jauch found Schwarzer’s letter “off the mark” because it “basically wanted the Ukraine to capitulate.”