The palace speaks of “episodic mobility problems”: Queen Elizabeth II will probably not be able to attend the Commonwealth Games taking place next month for health reasons. But she is represented with dignity – by several family members.

In the states of the former British Empire, it’s a big deal: every four years, athletes from the 54 states that make up the Commonwealth of Nations meet to hold sports competitions modeled on the Olympic Games.

Queen Elizabeth II can be represented

These Commonwealth Games are of great importance to the English public in particular – they are the last major event to commemorate the long-faded glory and importance of the lost British Empire. For this reason, Queen Elizabeth II opened the tournament frequently during her 70-year reign. In 2006 she traveled to Australia specifically for this occasion.

And this time too there were many indications that the monarch would take part: last October she opened the official Commonwealth Games relay race in Buckingham Palace, which has since gone through all participating countries. She also took the opportunity to pass a secret message on the baton, which will not be read out until the games open in Birmingham in July.

Due to her advanced age, however, the Queen will not be attending this year. This is reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” in an exclusive story. However, the 96-year-old should be represented with dignity: her eldest son and heir to the throne Prince Charles should therefore represent the regent at the opening ceremony.

He won’t be the only senior royal to attend the games. Other members of the royal family are also expected to attend the sporting event, which is taking place on English soil this time. Prince William and Duchess Catherine are also expected on several days – possibly even with their children. Prince Edward and his wife, Countess Sophie, are also likely to drop by as deputy patrons. And Princess Anne is also expected in Birmingham, according to the “Daily Mail”.

A pattern known from the past: The Queen is withdrawing more and more and transferring tasks to her family members. The change of throne has been going on for some time.

Source used: “Daily Mail”