Dogs pant particularly hard on hot days to cool down their bodies – but that only helps to a limited extent. Here are five ways you can support your pet this summer.

Dogs can’t really sweat: they only have a few sweat glands on their paws and tongue. On hot days, however, these are far from sufficient to acclimatize the body of the four-legged friend – for this reason dogs start panting to cool down. However, this does not work very well when the outside temperature is 35 to 40 degrees, so your help is needed. You can help your pet survive the heat better. Here you can find out how this works best.

1. K├╝hlmatte

The self-cooling mat only activates when your dog lies on it. The cooling blanket is made of PVC and nylon, making it particularly robust, washable and water-repellent. Thanks to the combination of cooling gel and foam, your pet’s body is evenly cooled – this means that its body heat can be better regulated on hot days. In this way, you can help ensure that your dog (or your cat) does not overheat completely in the summer. Because that is dangerous for young puppies, older and also sick animals. Here is the mat.

2. Cooling vest

The cooling vest for dogs ensures even more comprehensive cooling outdoors: Available in different sizes, a cooling system is also incorporated into the fabric that is activated by water. The vest is best suited for medium-sized breeds (e.g. Border Collie or Samoyed) – for this reason you should first measure your dog’s body size before deciding to buy it. If the vest is not suitable for your pet, you can still use one of the other options mentioned here. Here is the vest.

3. Drinking fountain

On hot days, it is just as important for dogs as it is for people to drink enough. Since your pet usually cannot pour itself water, it needs your help. But what if you are not at home? Especially on hot summer days, the water in the dog bowl quickly runs out – here a drinking fountain for dogs can be the solution, provided that you have a garden or terrace that is freely accessible for the animal. The drinking trough is only activated by pressure and provides fresh water at all times. The potions are here.

4. Dog pool

Most dogs love to splash in the water. However, most dog owners do not always have the time and leisure to drive their four-legged friend to the nearest lake. A sensible and refreshing alternative for four-legged friends is a small dog pool that can be set up in the garden or simply in front of or behind the house and filled with water. This gives your dog the opportunity to acclimatize in summer – because what could be nicer than throwing yourself into cool water on a hot day? If your pet is a real water rat, the purchase is always worthwhile for humans and animals. The pool is here.

5. Cooling scarf

Dogs with a thick coat in particular suffer from the scorching heat on hot days. They therefore need special support in order not to overheat. This not only applies to your own four walls, but also when you are out and about – a cooling scarf is ideal here, which you can simply tie around your pet and thus provide the necessary cooling. The cloth is activated by holding it under water and the filling made of special crystals soaks with it and the cooling starts. Here is the scarf.

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