Despite being diagnosed with fatal brain cancer, Australian doctor Richard Scolyer relies on an experimental procedure based on his own research. A year later he is still cancer free.

The 57-year-old Australian pathologist Professor Richard Scolyer dedicated himself to researching immunotherapies against skin cancer for a long time before he was confronted with the diagnosis of glioblastoma. This brain tumor is known for its aggressiveness and the low survival rate of only 15 to 25 months among patients.

Scolyer had used his own pioneering studies on melanoma to treat his incurable Stage 4 glioblastoma after he was diagnosed in June 2023.

In a post on “ X ” (formerly Twitter), the pathologist shared information about his experimental treatment and showed two images from a recent MRI scan. “I performed a brain MRI scan on Thursday last week to check for recurrent glioblastoma and/or treatment complications. Yesterday I learned that there is still no sign of recurrence. I couldn’t be happier!!!!!,” Scolyer wrote.

According to People, the 57-year-old received the shock diagnosis after he became ill during a business trip in Poland. He then became the first brain tumor patient to undergo preoperative combination immunotherapy.

The Cancer Research Institute defines cancer immunotherapy as a form of cancer treatment that “harnesses the power of the body’s immune system to prevent, control and eliminate cancer.” Despite the difficult first few months, which included seizures, liver problems and pneumonia, Scolyer now feels “better” than ever.

Scolyer’s research partner Georgina Long stressed to the BBC that they are “not there yet” in terms of developing a recognized and regulated treatment. “We generated a whole lot of data to then build a foundation for the next step so we can help more people,” she said.

There is not always such a clear diagnosis as that of Professor Richard Scolyer. Sometimes misdiagnoses almost lead to the death of the patient. As was the case with 14-year-old Bella, who was diagnosed with an eating disorder. However, more detailed examinations revealed tumors all over her body.

Actor Heinz Hoenig (72) has been in a Berlin clinic for two weeks now. A bacterial infection is said to have caused serious damage to his body. He has already had two procedures, but an operation on the aorta is still pending.

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