Mini chainsaws are the hobby and gardening tool of the summer. The small power packs not only help when cutting trees and bushes. Five models for freehand cutting in a quick check.

Many things are easier to do with the right tools. That applies to pretty much every situation in life. The first hobby craftsmen are already busy sawing, painting, sanding and cutting in the garden, on the terrace, in the apartment or in their own home. So that the tool depot doesn’t burst at the seams in the near future, the trend is towards handier devices that are perfectly adequate for household use. It starts with the mini cordless screwdriver and ends with a trend that will see do-it-yourselfers saw much thicker boards, branches and other materials in the summer of 2022. And much less sweaty: mini chainsaws are the trend tool this spring. In this article, we present 5 compact powerhouses briefly and concisely.

1. Bosch NanoBlade EasyCut 12

The traditional tool forge from southern Germany is sending two models into the race. Let’s start with the NanoBlade Easy Cut 12. The heart and brain of this one-hand chainsaw is a Syneon chip developed by Bosch, which is supposed to intelligently control the flow of energy. The in-house ECP system protects the 2.5 Ah battery from overheating and deep discharge. The NanoBlade saw blade creates a cutting depth of 50 millimeters. If that is not enough, a 65 millimeter long saw blade can be inserted using the well-known SDS fastening system. No tools are required to change the chain.

Technical data “NanoBlade Easy Cut 12”

2. Stihl shrub cutter GTA 26

The Stihl family business also has its roots in southern Germany. In addition to heavy machines for forestry, Stihl now also develops equipment for home and garden use. Who needs a mighty chainsaw to prune their shrubs and fruit trees? That’s why Stihl also sells its GTA 26, a miniature chainsaw, as a tree trimmer. The one-handed device with the ten centimeter long saw chain is powered by an 11-volt battery. Here, too, no additional tool is required for changing the chain. At 1200 grams (without battery), the GTA 26 wood cutter is a bit heavier in the hand than other mini chainsaws. It comes with a transport bag that can be mounted on the wall.

Technical data “Stihl GTA 26”

3. WORX Mini Chainsaw WG324E

Shorten branches and cut bushes with one hand: That should also be possible with the Worx Mini chainsaw. The battery that goes with it supplies a crisp 20 volts. But this also requires a little more strength in the arm. Because including the battery, the Worx Mini chainsaw scratches the 2-kilo mark. But it shines with a twelve centimeter long chain ring. Anyone who already owns other Worx devices with the same battery will certainly not go wrong with this mini chainsaw. A protective blade cover and a small bottle of lubricating oil are included. However, you have to come up with something for storage. There is no suitcase or anything like that.

Technical data “Worx Mini Chainsaw”

4. Bosch NanoBlade AdvancedCut 18

Bosch has equipped its NanoBlade AdvancedCut 18 with a little more power. It comes with the 18 volt battery system and thus brings significantly more power to the tree than the EasyCut 12. The motor rotates up to 7000 times per minute when idling, which is almost twice as fast as that of the EasyCut 12. How With its little sister, AdvancedCut allows the speed to be selected according to requirements and set manually. Beautiful and exclusive: the device permanently displays the charging status of the battery. Otherwise, Bosch also gives the advanced model the SDS system for tool-free saw blade changes. There is also transport protection for the chain ring and a loop for hanging.

Specifications Bosch NanoBlade AdvancedCut 18

5. Makita Cordless Chainsaw DUC122

Makita developed the compact cordless chainsaw DUC122Z specifically for light tree care. With a weight of around two and a half kilograms, the saw with the 115 millimeter short blade is the heaviest in this overview. In contrast to the other models, work is therefore carried out with both hands. The 18-volt system battery is also included, as is a small, integrated oil tank that can be filled with up to eight milliliters of lubricant. The chain is lubricated automatically. Here, too, no additional tool is required for the change.

Specifications Makita Cordless Chainsaw LXT

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Mini chainsaws in spring: the conclusion

Currently, the mini chainsaws should be a welcome help, especially when cutting trees and shrubs. Otherwise, the small saws can also take on worktops, wooden planks, boards and even plastic. However, they cannot keep up with classic jigsaws. You don’t need electricity to work with mini chainsaws.

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