November 20, Magyar Idök , a Hungarian newspaper close to the government – of which the scoops usually precede the announcements of the government – revealed that Nikola Gruevski, prime minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia from 2006 to 2016, had just received political asylum in Hungary. Condemned by the justice in macedonia to two years in prison for corruption, the politician had already disappeared on the Balkan route, at the time of his sentence. The interested party has confirmed “the happy end” on the same day on his page Facebook. On the 13th of November, he was informed through the same channel he was in Budapest and had applied for political asylum – a request and then confirmed by the Hungarian authorities.

Ally of Viktor Orban, the fugitive has received assistance from the diplomatic corps of the Hungarian in his mare. Nikola Gruevski has left the country via Albania, where, according to the police, he was escorted in a car with diplomatic magyar the 11 November. He then joined the Montenegro, …

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