The entrepreneur is also the boss of other companies such as Tesla and SpaceX. He had signaled from the beginning that he did not want to lead Twitter permanently. is he going now

According to a US media report, Elon Musk has been trying to find a new Twitter boss for some time. The search for a successor was already underway before Musk himself initiated the survey about his resignation, the US financial broadcaster CNBC reported on Tuesday, citing insiders.

Does Musk actually acknowledge the result?

Musk had Twitter users vote from Sunday to Monday whether he should vacate the top post in the online network. Almost 58 percent of the survey participants spoke out in favor of his resignation. The tech billionaire had previously promised to bow to the result. So far, however, he has not specifically addressed it.

Most recently, Musk described a tweet as “interesting” suggesting that the survey could have been manipulated by bots. Musk also announced that in the future only paying “Twitter Blue” subscribers would be allowed to take part in surveys. It was initially unclear whether he would accept the result of the vote on his resignation.

However, it wouldn’t really come as a surprise if Musk relinquished leadership of the online platform. The star entrepreneur is also the boss of other companies such as Tesla and SpaceX and had signaled from the start that he did not want to run Twitter permanently. Musk said last month that he expects to reduce his hours there and hand over the lead over time.

Not interested in the job

The Twitter boss sees the problem in a lack of candidates. Before the vote, he had already warned that there were no suitable prospects for the job. He himself had taken over the top position in the course of his approximately $ 44 billion purchase of the group about seven weeks ago. Since then, his tenure has been one of chaos and controversy, while Tesla investors lament the neglect of the struggling electric car maker.