In the “Lion’s Den” things really flew this time: investor Georg Kofler stormed out of the TV studio in a rage – and Nico Rosberg had to apologize to him afterwards.

The fact that the investors in the “Lion’s Den” are fighting hard is part of the show. In the struggle for the smartest founders and the best deals, the lions get into verbal clashes from time to time. In the current episode, however, the entertaining cockfight escalated a little too much: Investor Georg Kofler jumped up from his chair in the middle of the show and left the TV studio in a rage.

The reason for Kofler’s outrage was the behavior of his lion opponent Nico Rosberg. Like Kofler, he wanted to enter into a deal with the founders of VapoWesp, who had developed a remedy against wasps. For this, Rosberg followed the Vapo-Wasp makers, mother Claudia and daughter Leslie Eckert, to the tunnel of the Löwen studio, where they were just deliberating on the various Löwen offers.

Georg Kofler accepts apologies

Kofler apparently didn’t see Rosberg’s private attempt to influence him outside of the actual arena as fair play, especially since he didn’t want to tell him what he had said to the founders. “I’m annoyed,” complained Kofler. “You can all slide down my hump.” So he said, pulled out the mic and stomped out of the studio with a scowl on his face. That hadn’t happened in more than 100 episodes of “Lion’s Cave” either.

In the meantime, Kofler can laugh again about his little TV freak out. “I’m down and out in the parking lot with a heart rate of 180,” reports the spirited Tyrolean with a smile in the Vox interview. He then marched angrily into his dressing room, where Rosberg sought him out to apologize. “I later accepted the apology,” says Kofler.

In the long run, there was still reason for Kofler to be happy: the VapoWesp founders decided neither for him nor for Rosberg. But the race for the smoker box, which is supposed to keep wasps away with smoldering coffee powder, finally won Ralf Dümmel. And his company DS-Products now belongs to Georg Kofler’s company Social Chain. “So it’s our joint deal now,” says Kofler happily in a video on his Twitter channel.