On May 18th, Iris Klein will come personally to “Battle of the Reality Stars”. In an interview, she explains why it was harder than the jungle.

Since April 13, 21 celebrities have been fighting for 50,000 euros in the third season of “Kampf der Realitystars” on RTLzwei. The show has been moderated since the first season by Cathy Hummels (34), who makes celebrities sweat in Thailand. Experts clash with newcomers to the reality world. However, the new season started without Iris Klein (54), who should have been there since day one. The mother of Daniela Katzenberger (35) was infected with the corona virus shortly before the start of shooting and has so far only been seen digitally on the iPad.

From May 18, however, the 54-year-old is finally part of the game and causes a lot of excitement. “Of course I noticed that one or the other was whispering,” she says of her later appearance on the show. But then she got the fighting spirit. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she reveals what the biggest challenge was, why she was particularly struggling with her appearance and why the show was ultimately harder than the jungle.

You had to step back a little before the show because of a corona infection. Are you feeling better today?

Iris Klein: I actually noticed that I get out of breath very quickly, especially when climbing stairs. I’m not the sportiest person in the world, but I wasn’t like that before either.

Was your participation in “Battle of the Reality Stars” therefore on the brink?

Klein: Yes, that was bad. We had to isolate ourselves ten days before. I flew out with a negative PCR test and arrived in Cologne with a positive result. I was supposed to stay there for one night in order to fly on to Thailand. But then the positive result came and I felt a scratchy throat. At first I thought it was the ventilation on the plane.

Why did you still want to take part in the show?

Klein: Actually, I didn’t have any drive anymore. I was in the hotel room with Corona and only wanted to postpone it until next year because I should have been able to move in first. But the production motivated me and believed in me. It was a challenge to fly to Thailand directly into the heat after the quarantine period.

They came later: Was it strange for you to join the group?

Klein: It’s like when you’re new to a class. Luckily I’m a restaurateur, I can deal with strangers very well and tell stories right away. that suits me But of course I noticed that one or the other was whispering. You can tell that the fight for 50,000 euros is being taken very seriously. If you think there is only peace, joy, pancakes, you are wrong.

What did you fear or respect?

Small: In front of the stairs to the toilet (laughs). I’m a night peeer. Now go four kilometers on a night hike and try to sleep afterwards. It was damn hot, there were no air conditioners there but squeaking fans on the ceiling. There were also a few snoring men and a snoring Iris.

I’m someone who generally has trouble falling asleep, but I suffered from sleep deprivation. The problem then was that I drank very little during the day so that I didn’t have to go to the toilet at night. As a result, I had extreme water retention. It wasn’t good for my health either. Well, I can definitely say: “Battle of the Reality Stars” was a whole lot harder than the jungle camp.

Did you know from the start with whom you were going to offend?

Klein: No, I was very relaxed about that and swore to myself that I would take everything as it came. I didn’t start out from the negative. It’s always said to me: “The Katzenberger mother pushes her way into everything again”. I thought everyone would hate me again because I just can’t keep my mouth shut and I say things that you would say I’m shooting at sparrows with a cannon – which I managed to do again (laughs).

After your participation in the “Summer House of the Stars” you said: “You have to be unscrupulous to be able to take part.” Would you say the same about “Battle of the Reality Stars”?

Klein: For some yes. At the “summer house” you could see who was unscrupulous and who needed the money the most. And I’m not like I have to sell my soul by hook or by crook and absolutely have to win. I’d rather win honestly.

What was your strategy? did you have one

Klein: I went in there without a plan. That’s actually how I always do best. I don’t have a strategy for who to ally with or who to pick fights with. I did it without a plan.

What did you want to show the viewers about yourself?

Klein: I didn’t want to show my big feet (laughs). Then on November 19th I had a facelift – six weeks later the hot sun in Thailand followed directly. Then the face swelled up a bit. I really do look like a marshmallow (laughs). Of course I didn’t want to show all that. I’ve struggled with myself in that regard.

Was the show what you expected?

Klein: I wasn’t expecting the show to be as hard as it ended up being. I underestimated that physically for me – especially when it came to the games in the blazing sun.

In your private life, you can currently look forward to a new addition to your family: you’re going to be a grandmother again – congratulations! Are you more relaxed with your eighth grandchild?

Klein: I’ve actually been a grandmother since I was 39, but quite the opposite. Jenny is someone who has had to endure so many blows of fate. So I was very worried that something would happen to the baby and she would suffer another stroke of fate. I’ve had four miscarriages myself, so I know what I’m talking about.

I always say I brought a lucky Marie and an unlucky Marie into the world. Everything is flown to Daniela and everything is always good there. Everything always goes wrong with Jenny. I’m really sorry. That’s why I’m happy about every ultrasound image and every Facetime. The baby ball is growing – I’m all the happier.