Numerous users on Twitter pretend to be Elon Musk. Some accounts were therefore blocked – although the new owner had actually announced complete freedom of expression.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was worth $44 billion. But you can’t really say that he received a warm welcome there – quite the opposite: since the richest man in the world started using Twitter, numerous users have migrated and expressed their displeasure with Musk and his plans for the short message service.

Some choose a special form of protest: They simply rename themselves Elon Musk in their profile. This is supposed to make it more difficult for users to find the real Musk – and at least annoy the new owner a little. The comedian Kathy Griffin also resorted to this remedy. Under the name of the 51-year-old, she tweeted about the midterm elections in the US and called for voting for the Democratic Party because it supports abortion rights. A little later, her Twitter account was blocked.

Elon Musk wants to limit parodies on Twitter

The extent to which the two are directly related has not been finally clarified. However, Elon Musk had already threatened measures of this kind after some accounts had impersonated him. Any user impersonating someone else would be “permanently banned,” Musk tweeted, unless they indicated on their profile that it was a “spoof.” Griffin hadn’t done that. Similar to her happened to other users who had tweeted under Musk’s name, reports “Business Insider”.

Tweeting under someone else’s identity without making it transparent has always been banned on Twitter, but has been prosecuted far less strictly. Musk now apparently wants to tighten the reins: “We used to issue a warning before the lockdown, but now that we are introducing widespread screening, there will be no warning,” Musk announced. In addition, every verified account that changes its name should lose its “blue tick”.

Kathy Griffin uses her dead mother’s account

On Twitter, the crackdown not only caused even more irritation towards Musk, but also amazement. Because the new owner had actually announced absolute freedom of expression on the platform – and had to take a lot of criticism for it. Musk also recently announced that comedy is “now legal” on Twitter.

Kathy Griffin, meanwhile, has found a way to be active on Twitter despite her suspension. She now uses her late 2020 mother Maggie Griffin’s account – and immediately renamed herself Elon Musk there.

Sources: Elon Musk on Twitter / “Business Insider” / @TipItMaggieG on Twitter

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