Lionel Messi usually provides highlights on the football field. With a guest appearance he tried his hand as an actor.

Paris Saint-Germain superstar Lionel Messi will make a guest appearance in the popular Argentinian TV series Los Protectores.

The series’ producer recently shared footage from the shoot of the scene on Instagram. How exactly Messi’s guest role will look like is not known.

Lionel Messi shot his scene in Paris

The scene with Messi was filmed in Paris, the current sporting home of the 34-year-old Argentine. Otherwise, the production of the second season of Los Protectores took place at various locations, including Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

The comedy-drama series is about three football agents who team up after each was on the brink of bankruptcy. But when an international football star shows up, things change again.

Before Messi can be seen in the series, however, you have to be patient a little longer. The second season of Los Protectores will not be released until 2023.