For the tenth anniversary of the Eurojackpot, the participating countries have changed the rules. With the cap raised to €120 million, there is more to be won in the European lottery.

Because the upper limit in the Eurojackpot was raised to 120 million euros, there could be a winning record for Germany on Tuesday after the numbers were drawn in Helsinki, Finland (around 7 p.m.). So far, the winnings have been capped at 90 million euros.

The 18 participating countries had changed the rules for the tenth anniversary of the European lottery at the end of March 2022. On the one hand, a second drawing day was introduced in addition to Friday with Tuesday, on the other hand, the upper limit was raised to 120 million euros.

So far, the record profit of 90 million euros in Germany has been held by tipsters from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia (2). If the jackpot, which is currently 92 million euros, is not cracked on Tuesday, the winnings will probably exceed 100 million euros for the first time.