More and more details about Fynn Kliemann’s mask deals are becoming known. Now the “Correctiv” research center has identified prominent partners in its companies.

It all started with a contribution from “ZDF Magazin Royale”: ten days ago, Jan Böhmermann published a half-hour video in which he accused Fynn Kliemann of having declared masks from Bangladesh as fairly manufactured in Europe and sent inferior goods to refugee camps.

Since then, hardly a day has gone by without new dirty details about the influencer’s business dealings coming to light. Stern editors Jonah Lemm and Nico Schnurr discovered inconsistencies in unpaid donations, and he is said to have sold masks to refugee camps at three times the cost price.

As research by the “Correctiv” network revealed, more people were involved in Kliemann’s business than was previously known. The well-known fashion influencer Caroline Daur is said to have participated as a silent partner in one of Kliemann’s companies through her company, Caro Daur GmbH. “Correctiv” documents are available, according to which Daur made a contribution of 25,000 euros to Kliemann’s company Lüttensdorf GmbH in October 2020, thus securing one percent of the annual result. Shortly thereafter, it was renamed Kliemannsland GmbH.

Fynn Kliemann is friends with Caro Daur

The influencer has not yet commented on her participation in the company. But “Correctiv” has identified another silent partner: Karls Investitions GmbH has held a stake in Kliemann’s company since the end of 2020 – which also includes the popular “Karls Strawberry Farm” stalls and family adventure villages in northern Germany. The company is said to have a stake of 500,000 euros in Kliemann’s company.

However, Kliemannsland is only one of around ten companies that can be assigned to Kliemann. Kliemannsland-GmbH was not involved in the mask deals. Robert Dahl, head of the strawberry farms and theme parks, still fears damage to his image: “If Fynn cannot refute the allegations, then that would be very disappointing for all of us here,” he said “Correctiv”.

Source used: “Correctiv”