Shopping lists, flashes of inspiration and short reminders – thanks to a new Whatsapp function, it will soon be possible to send messages to yourself. In the future, users will find their contact at the top of the app.

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Notes, shopping lists, reminders, appointments – how practical would it be if you could easily send these things to yourself via WhatsApp? Or maybe just send an important voice message to yourself first so you can listen to it again before sending it? Thanks to the “Message Yourself” function, this should soon be possible. We explain how it works.

Easily chat with yourself on WhatsApp

For those who are wondering: it was previously possible to send yourself messages on WhatsApp. However, users had to use the separate link here. This should be superfluous in the future, as “Tech Crunch” announced among other things.

Going forward, WhatsApp users will see their contact at the top of the app’s contact list when they start a new chat. Click here to easily send yourself messages.

With the new function, WhatsApp is catching up with the competition, because with Slack, Signal