At the virtual Uniper Annual General Meeting, the CEO emphasized the importance of the company for Germany.

The CEO of the energy group Uniper, Klaus-Dieter Maubach, underlined the importance of the company for the German energy industry.

“Uniper imports around 370 terawatt hours of gas a year and thus supplies numerous industrial companies and public utilities directly,” said Maubach on Wednesday at the virtual general meeting in Düsseldorf. This amount corresponds to around a third of the average annual gas consumption in Germany.

Uniper is the largest importer of Russian natural gas. Of the 370 terawatt hours of natural gas, around 200 terawatt hours come from Russia, as the company states on its website. According to Maubach, gas is also sourced from Norway, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, the USA and Qatar, among others.

Maubach emphasized that Uniper is also the largest operator of natural gas storage facilities in Germany. The company, which is majority owned by the Finnish Fortum Group, accounts for around a third of the storage capacities in Germany. “Uniper thus plays a central role in the German and European gas market and in supplying our country.”