Neil Patrick Harris has apologized for a morbid joke about the late Amy Winehouse 11 years ago.

Neil Patrick Harris (48) has apologized for a Halloween joke that was seen at his party eleven years ago and whose pictures are currently making the rounds again.

At the actor’s Halloween party in 2011, there was apparently a buffet platter that, according to the title, was supposed to represent the “corpse of Amy Winehouse”. The party took place just three months after Winehouse’s actual death.

“It was and is unfortunate”

The violent images of the meat platter have now been flushed back up from the Internet – and with them the reactions of disturbed fans. Harris said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly: “Recently a photo surfaced of a Halloween party my husband and I threw 11 years ago. It was unfortunate then and it’s unfortunate now.” The actor further clarified: “Amy Winehouse was a unique talent and I am sorry for any injury that caused this picture.”

A picture of the morbid joke originally circulated because Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband, 46, Justin Mikita, 36, posted a photo of the record. He wrote, “Look who came to the Halloween party last night. Looks good.” He quickly deleted the post, but the screenshots had already been taken.

The six-Grammy Award-winning musician died on July 27, 2011 at the age of 27 after a long-term drug and alcohol addiction.