Small, light and with a lot of battery: The new e-book reader Kindle from Amazon promises weeks of reading fun for little money. In the star test, the handy device has to show what it can really do.

The e-book reader Amazon Kindle is available from 99 euros to 369 euros. As an interested bookworm, the legitimate question arises before purchasing how much money it really needs to be in order to have maximum reading fun at the lowest possible cost. The cheapest Kindle was recently completely overhauled, it costs from 99.99 euros and does not require an additional model designation. The star test should show whether it’s enough to read.

The smallest Kindle of the bunch

In addition to the price and reduced equipment, the Kindle has one unique selling point: the display measures just 6 inches, which makes the Kindle (2022) a pocket-sized e-book reader. The Kindle Paperwhite is 0.8 inches larger, the new Kindle Scribe even brings it to a total of 10.2 inches. But when it comes to travel companions, size is not everything – on the contrary. The small dimensions of 15.7 x 10.8 x 0.8 centimeters and the weight of 158 grams make the small Kindle perfect for on the go.

Compared to the predecessor, however, things have changed in terms of the display: the pixel density used to be 167 ppi, the new model brings it to 300. This means that the new Kindle is on par with the much more expensive models and the text is pin-sharp and very legible.

As before, the backlight consists of four LEDs. Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, the entry-level model lacks an adjustable color temperature or – which is only possible with the Paperwhite in the Signature Edition – wireless charging. There is no mobile connection, this is only on board the Kindle Oasis (from 229 euros). The Kindle only has Wi-Fi.

The rest of the hardware is comparatively lush, because the Kindle (2022) works with 16 gigabytes of storage space by default, trumping some of the more expensive models. This may not be as important for books, but you need a little more space for audio books, which can also be stored on the Kindle and played with headphones.

The processor performance is completely sufficient for reading, the menu reacts quite quickly and turning the pages takes place within a very short time. According to Amazon, the battery should last up to six weeks, in the test the runtime did not noticeably decrease even after days. And if it does, USB-C is available for charging on this model.

Easy to read in all situations – but afraid of water

However, the Kindle is convincing in what is probably the most important discipline, the readability of texts. Due to the increased resolution, the eyes do not hurt even when reading for a long time, the lighting is completely sufficient in low light. The dark mode, which blackens the background and brightens the letters, also protects the eyes from strain.

It also looks very good the other way around: If you want to use the Kindle in bright light, for example in the midday sun, you can still see everything easily without having to make a great effort.

People who are near water – i.e. on the beach, at the pool or in the wild water ride – have to make concessions. The 11th generation Kindle isn’t waterproof, so it could be damaged if it gets wet.

Conclusion: Amazon Kindle 11th Generation (2022)

Which would be the answer to the original question: Is the small Kindle enough, or does it have to be a more luxurious model? As long as you don’t expect the device to come into contact with water, the new Kindle should be perfectly adequate for most readers.

Of course, a Kindle Paperwhite (especially in the Signature Edition) or Kindle Oasis and Scribe offer more pomp, but that makes no difference for everyday reading, which is worth 30 to 270 euros. Unless you need the features that only the high-priced devices offer.

Speaking of price: “Amazon Second Chance” gives you a credit note for an old device from Amazon with free return, with which the purchase of the new Kindle can be pushed even further.

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