“The Lincoln Lawyer” is the new crime series on Netflix. It’s about a lawyer who has to solve a big case. He has ten episodes to do it. Exciting but not scary.

Micky Haller’s (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) life has gotten better: it took him months to recover from a surfing accident and he even became addicted to painkillers in the process. So strong that he had to go to rehab. But then he gets a message that changes everything: a lawyer friend of his was murdered – and left his law firm and all open cases to Micky Haller.

New on Netflix: “The Lincoln Lawyer”

The new Netflix series “The Lincoln Lawyer” is based on the book “So help us God” by bestselling author Michael Connelly. It is the second volume in a multi-part book series about Micky Haller.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” isn’t case-by-case, although Haller has a few “cases of the week” at the beginning. Rather, it’s about a single, lengthy case: At the center is video game mogul Trevor Elliot, who is accused of killing his wife and her lover. The case is prestigious and has to do with both the death of the original attorney and another case in the hands of Haller’s ex-wife. In general: Haller has two ex-wives and they reappear in a few places and are quite amusing.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” is not a series that thrives on action or explicitly shows violence. In many scenes, Haller sits in the back seat of his car and is driven around LA while working. It is much more about the individual characters and their constellation with each other. Because hardly anyone stays who you think he or she is until the series finale. The case of game mogul Elliot also takes a few turns. But they never seem purely coincidental or completely implausible. And the central case can be resolved at the end of the season. But there are already topics that could appear in a possible second season. “The Lincoln Lawyer” is made for a crime marathon. However, since the series does not involve brutality or violence, it is also suitable for the more faint-hearted who want to sleep without nightmares afterwards.