A couple who are married to each other in their second marriage emigrate to Paraguay with their two daughters from previous marriages. The opponents of vaccination have now spoken out in a video and ask that no further searches be made.

In a case of alleged child abduction of two German girls in Paraguay, the fugitives have now spoken out in a video message. “There is news about the German girls, they express themselves in a video,” said prosecutor Carina Sánchez on Tuesday evening on ABC television. “We have received video footage showing the two children, but we cannot use the background to determine their whereabouts.”

In the approximately two and a half minute video, the girls, aged ten and eleven, sit with their parents in front of a white wall and ask not to be searched any further. “I want the world to know that I came voluntarily and wasn’t kidnapped,” said the 10-year-old girl.

Married to each other in a second marriage

The father of one girl and the mother of the other girl are married to each other in their second marriage and are said to have emigrated to Paraguay with their two children in November last year without the consent of their respective ex-partners. According to the Paraguayan public prosecutor’s office, there is an arrest warrant issued against the couple by the international police agency Interpol.

During the search, the police in Paraguay arrested a 35-year-old man. He is said to have rented the family a car that was last found in the town of Bella Vista. Investigators found children’s clothing inside the vehicle. During an interrogation, the investigators now want to clarify whether the mechanic is an accomplice of the fugitives.

Open letter to the fugitives in Paraguay

The lawyer for the parents left behind in Germany addressed the fugitives in an open letter. “Do the right thing. Contact us or the authorities,” the letter said. “Our clients are not concerned with punishment. They want to find a solution with you that will enable everyone to have a future in peace and a return to normal life.”

According to media reports, the couple left a farewell letter in which they spoke out against vaccinating the girls against the corona virus.