The number of people who have died from the corona virus in the United States is now in seven figures. In an international comparison, the country is the sad leader.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, more than a million people have died in the United States after being infected with the virus. This came from data from the University of Johns Hopkins (JHU).

No country has registered more corona deaths in absolute numbers than the United States, which has a population of around 330 million. US President Joe Biden had already complained about the painful milestone at an international Covid video summit last week and ordered the flags on all public buildings in the USA to be set at half-mast for several days in memory of the corona dead. According to the official figures, the million mark had not yet been fully exceeded at the time.

The Johns Hopkins University website is updated regularly and shows a higher level than the official figures from the US health authority CDC. In some cases, the figures were subsequently revised downwards again.