Pietro Lombardi recently dealt openly with his weight frustration on Instagram. However, the singer now regrets his post.

Pietro Lombardi (29) recently openly explained on Instagram how dissatisfied he was with his current weight. He weighs 100 kilograms and is 1.73 meters tall. He also shared several shots in which he was shirtless in the mirror. But the singer now regrets exactly those posts, as he reveals in the RTL interview.

“It was a fatal mistake. I wouldn’t do it anymore. My mother said: ‘Are you crazy? Aren’t you ashamed to do something like that?'” Lombardi said. He also suffers from the pressure that social media puts on many people. “Unfortunately, the Instagram world has become sad. You compare yourself too much to other people. But there is only one Pietro,” says the singer.

“Everyone is perfect just the way they are”

Lombardi has been feeling much more comfortable in his own skin for about a week now, “because I’m back in sports and have found motivation again”. The singer also emphasizes that he is doing this for himself and “not for any women”. Everyone is “perfect the way they are. And sometimes you’re just a bit fatter and sometimes a bit thinner,” he concludes.