Pietro Lombardi turns 30 on June 9th. In an interview, the singer reveals how he spends his birthday.

Pietro Lombardi rides the wave of success. On June 9, the singer and “DSDS” winner from 2011 celebrates his 30th birthday. “I’ll spend the day with my loved ones and just have fun,” he says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. For his new year of life, Lombardi wishes “health, beautiful moments with my son and fun”. That is “what counts”.

Weight loss goal: Pietro Lombardi is “on the right track”

Looking back on his life, he has this piece of advice for his younger self: “Be patient, keep going and trust yourself. Everything comes at the right time.” Before his success in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, Pietro Lombardi worked as a pizza maker and in a jewelry shop, among other things. At “DSDS” he not only won, but also met the mother of his son Alessio (6): Sarah Engels (29). For years, the two were considered a dream couple in the music scene and were married from 2013 to 2019, the separation followed in 2016.

This private setback did not detract from Lombardi’s professional success: he is still a successful singer and influencer. Two million fans follow him on Instagram. However, breaks from social media are “always important,” emphasizes the 30-year-old. “If I feel like I need one, I’ll take it.”

In May, the singer announced that he wanted to lose weight. He is now “on the best way” to achieve his goal. “I’ve already lost ten kilograms,” says Lombardi. “Regular exercise and a balanced diet have helped me.”

Children’s book and casting show: “It’s going to be very blatant”

At the beginning of June, the 30-year-old brought a children’s book onto the market. The inspiration for “Dino Tino and the Secret Music Camp” came, among other things, from his six-year-old son: “Alessio is a huge fan of dinosaurs and that’s one of the reasons why we created Dino Tino.” Does he want to publish more books? “Let’s wait and see,” Lombardi replies evasively.

After all, he has another project in the pipeline: at the beginning of May he announced his own casting show on Instagram. After his own trip to “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, he now wants to look for and promote a singing talent himself. The winner gets a record deal with Lombardi’s newly founded label. Filming will continue until June 17th. The singer can’t tell much yet, but “what I can reveal: it’s going to be very blatant”. “The participants are really strong and I’m looking forward to it,” says Lombardi.

What other plans does he have for this year? “Spending time with my son, health, there may be another exciting project coming up, but otherwise I want to enjoy the time,” says the 30-year-old. In doing so, he stays true to his own advice, “Be patient, move on, and trust yourself.”