In principle, solid shampoo is the same as liquid shampoo, only the water has been removed from it. This gives it a compact size and is significantly more productive. But what is even more important: the shampoo does without any plastic, protects the environment – and your wallet.

To explain: Hair soap is also used like a shampoo, but consists of different ingredients (namely alkalis, fats and oils) – and is also produced differently than solid shampoo, which does not saponify: The compact shampoo contains the same “ingredients” as liquid shampoo. The foaming and caring properties are also the same, only the shape is different. The shampoo becomes solid as a result of the dehydration and can be stored as a bar or block in a small cardboard box. Some brands even do without packaging. And that’s not the only benefit that shampoo bars bring.

Solid shampoo: the advantages at a glance

This is where the products differ

As with liquid shampoo, there are solid shampoos with different ingredients for different tastes. We especially recommend those brands that use natural cosmetics – this not only protects the environment, but also your hair. These include, for example, the following products:

According to the manufacturer, the solid shampoo from Logona is suitable for all hair types. The active ingredients it contains (organic hemp and organic nettle) spread an aromatic herbal scent and moisturize your hair. The packaging itself is made from recycled fibers.

The solid shampoo from Klar soap comes from a soap factory in Heidelberg that has existed since 1840. The shampoo does not contain any animal ingredients, but caring ingredients such as chamomile and nettle. The manufacturer advertises a special rolling process that makes its plastic-free product very economical and durable.

Sante’s solid shampoo provides your hair with moisture, and ingredients such as organic shea and cocoa butter provide care. Free from silicones, the moisturizing shampoo is certified by NATRUE. According to the manufacturer, the product foams as intensively as a liquid shampoo.

Nature Box’s solid shampoo contains cold-pressed avocado oil and is suitable for repaired hair. In addition, it should protect against split ends. The manufacturer does without silicones, parabens, surfactants and artificial colors. And this packaging is also recyclable.

How to use shampoo bar correctly

As with an ordinary bar of soap, hold the shampoo bar under running water and then rub it between your hands until it starts to foam. You can then use the product or just use your hands to apply the foam to the head and massage it into the hair. Finally, wash the shampoo out again – the principle remains the same as with a liquid shampoo.

How to properly store shampoo bar

The question of how to store shampoo bar is quite legitimate. After all, the shampoo – like soap – can stick to surfaces after it gets wet. For this reason, after the first use, it is advisable to store the product in a bowl. It is important that the bowl has holes or grooves so that the excess water can drain off after use. If you prefer to hang up the solid shampoo, there are special soap bags for this purpose.

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