If your own name makes you suspicious: Most people only call singer Zucchero by his nickname. Only one person uses the real name of the Italian musician.

The Italian pop musician Zucchero (“Senza una Donna”) is, according to his own statements, almost exclusively addressed with his sweet nickname, even in the family.

With one exception: “My younger brother still calls me Adelmo. But there’s nothing I can do about everyone calling me by my nickname. When someone calls me by my real name, I find it very strange. Then I’ll be more suspicious,” said the 66-year-old, whose real name is Adelmo Fornaciari, of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

Nickname comes from school days

His elementary school teacher once gave him the name Zucchero (also: sugar). “I was a very bright, nice and well-mannered boy. My teacher thought I was so cute that she gave me the name “Zucchero”.

The singer, known for his hats, has a huge collection of hats, as he told the newspaper: “I like to go to flea markets and buy hats and coats. I must have more than 400 hats by now. My cupboards are bursting.”

Better wine than drugs

Rocker clichés, on the other hand, hardly fit him, said Zucchero: “Apart from alcohol, at least I’ve never taken drugs.” He likes to party with the band after shows. “But I don’t need drugs for that. A good bottle of wine is enough for me, along with relaxed music and a bit of flirting with beautiful women. There are still groupies, but not as numerous as they used to be.”