Whether it’s the driveway in front of the house or apartment, the patio or the stone path in the garden: At some point, thorough cleaning is due. The joints are particularly annoying. An electric joint scraper can help with this.

There are gardening tasks that can even be fun: planting peppers, sowing lawns or garden design. But then there is the work, which is just annoying. Cleaning dirty joints, for example. To make this task a little more bearable, there are practical helpers. One of these is an electric grout scraper, also known as a grout cleaner or grout brush. What you should consider when buying and which models are worthwhile.

Here’s what you should know about grout scrapers

If you use “manual” joint scrapers, you will know that your back will hurt at some point if you don’t use an extension or a handle for it. When buying an electric floor scraper, everything should therefore be right and it should ideally be height-adjustable so that you can adapt it to your height. At best, the brushes can be exchanged so that they can be used for different surfaces. The great thing about these helpers: They are usually so powerful that there is no need to use pesticides to remove dirt. Further information on the use of an electric joint scraper:

To use: You push the device along the joints so that the fine bristles can penetrate the narrow grooves and loosen dirt. The splash guard ensures that the dirt does not fly around uncontrollably.

Electric floor scrapers: three models in comparison

If you decide to buy an electric floor scraper, the following models are often recommended.

The electric grout brush from Gloria quickly and efficiently removes annoying weeds, moss and dirt between paving stones or patio stones. Soft nylon grout brushes, which are particularly suitable for scratch-sensitive surfaces, also fit this model, as well as the included brass-coated steel wire brush for stubborn dirt. This makes it suitable for many substrates. An additional height-adjustable second handle on the device ensures back-friendly work. With a speed of 1,800 rpm and an output of 300 W, the WeedBrush is particularly fast and thorough.

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Like the Gloria model, the electric joint cleaner from Einhell comes with exchangeable brushes including a nylon and a steel brush. It also offers an infinitely telescopic long handle, a second handle with a soft grip and a guide wheel for accurate cleaning, a two-point safety switch and a battery with a practical LED level indicator and a quick charger from the Power X-Change series. The battery also fits all other devices in the series.

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Grizzly’s electric joint scraper quickly and efficiently removes weeds, moss and small plants on sidewalks, patios, paving stones and driveways. Thanks to the powerful 400-watt motor, there is no need for environmentally harmful pesticides such as glyphosate, phosphoric acid or even vinegar and salt. The device has an aluminum telescopic handle, stable guide roller, a splash guard, tool-free brush change with quick-release chuck and four different brushes: two metal brushes for insensitive surfaces such as paving stones and two plastic brushes for sensitive natural stone surfaces.

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