Premonition of civil war: American politicians are sacrificing the country for their goals

I’m not saying that America is now falling apart. But the atmosphere of intolerance, which we both own historical experience familiar in America deepens. Democrats because trump needs to overthrow at any price, and Trump any need to stay. Here riots and neglected, and each side is waiting for a President trump, or the democratic governors or democratic mayors make a mistake, which will be suicidal for them in the upcoming elections. All buying time till the rebels wiring and thunder country.

Political commentator of Fox News channel Tucker Carlson — about those who commit violence in American cities: “This is the worst people in America, and our leaders let them do whatever they want. Of course, they want more. Their new requirement is to abolish the police. No more law enforcement in this country. This will mean strengthening the power of the crowd. They will be able to do anything. This will result in a never-ending nightmare for you and your families. That’s why they want it.”

And then Tucker Carlson shows video, filmed in June 1, where in new York the man who calls himself “employee” of the movement black Lives matter”, asks a white woman to kneel and apologize for “white privilege”. A woman is subject.

the Most violent riots are in traditionally democratic States and cities. Governors and mayors are not ready to suppress “their”, hoping to draw a protest against trump. Trump is condemning only the riots, but not willing to use existing powers to suppress the rebellion.

Then he fell the blame for the riots on those who needed them. And the country, damage, coronavirus and destruction of business can be neglected. No, a lot of words, but no one really does not stop. The owners of the shops and restaurants are compelled to take up arms and remember the cowboy tradition of the Wild West. Someone from journalists at the same time talking about whensigns of civil war in the United States.

the Establishment is ready to sacrifice the country for short-term political goals — fact. The Democrats, in fact, cheer for the rebels and rioters. The Republicans waiting until the damage will be even greater. Dangerous.

another parallel with our past – the gerontocracy. How many people today you’ll be glazing the opinion of the candidate in presidents of the United States Joe Biden of the same from Soviet leader Konstantin Chernenko? Yes, and Leonid Brezhnev after clinical death rules in the USSR years. Then the Soviet Union did not work, as they say, social mobility. How they work now in the US, if the main a couple of contenders for the highest office in the country is trump, who will soon turn 74 years and Joe Biden, who in the past year I turned 77. And the leader of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi is 80.

At the same time relations within the Trinity, as they say, “high.” Pelosi defiantly breaks the text of the speech trump. He calls it “nervous Pelosi”. Biden said about trump as an “absolute fool.” And when Trump asked about the strong side of Biden, he replied: “would Have to say about the experience. But the experience in Biden is not because it does not accumulate”.

But who are the nearest rivals of the Democrats? Biden, until recently, was breathing in the back of Bernie Sanders is 78 years old. A rising star of the Democrats was considered Bloomberg — the same 78. Something like that… is it the most worthy, the most educated, the most energetic, the most visionary and the most powerful in the American elite? For those who survived the late Soviet experience of today’s American gerontocracy — downright deja vu. However, it is not even in years, and in the intellectual form and the ability to see the reality of the world, plotting the future.

And no wonder the result? The country is soaked in the fumes of the riots. Epidemic America copes the worst in the world. Unemployed Americans now more than 42 million. With China, the United States entered hopeless for yourself the battle. While the national debt — more than 23 trillion dollars, and inside — the most dangerous and severe split — racial and political. How to get it, American elites is unclear. Plan no. And any plan on the one hand will be immediately ridiculed and sabotaged the other half of the nation.

And finally as a mystery. Three years ago, on 16 July 2017, the black police Mohammed Nour was shot in the same Minneapolis white female yoga teacher Justin Damon. Justin called the police in the night, frightened by some noise nearby. Went outside in my pajamas to meet some police officers. During the conversation, the native of Somalia, Mohamed Nur were released into the woman a few bullets. Justin Damon died on the spot. None of the cameras that are mandatory are the cops on themselves and are attached to the patrol vehicles, did not work. After the murder in Minnesota no pogroms and riots were not. Why? There are in America still has its own mystery.

Text: “News of the week”