President Joe Biden stated Friday that social media companies were "killing people" because they failed to check misinformation posted on their platforms regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Biden's remarks came just a day after U.S. Biden's comments came a day after U.S. officials...
It all began with Rihanna's February tweet. This sparked widespread criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of large farmer protests close to the capital. This strained an already difficult relationship between Twitter and the government. Officials issued multiple injunctions...
Although the Russia-based criminal syndicate responsible for a series of ransomware attacks that have been devastating was down on Tuesday, cybersecurity experts stated that it was too early to speculate as to why and that there were no signs...
If you can find the content, content is king. It's becoming harder to find your favorite TV shows or blockbuster movies on streaming services. They can update their offerings each month, making it more...
Nearly two years ago, Briceburg lost its only connection to the electric grid after a wildfire ravaged the area. Instead of rebuilding wires and poles on increasingly dry hillsides that could increase the risk...
General Motors will produce Honda's first two fully-electric vehicles in North America. However, the Japanese automaker plans on changing its course and producing its own vehicle later in the decade. Officials at Honda claim...
In real-time, the tech takes into account hundreds of variables Walmart, a big-box retailer, is using artificial intelligence (AI), to help customers and personal shoppers. It also helps with the still-increasing online grocery demand...
Musk's and Dorsey's views on the biggest cryptocurrency in the world differ. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, trolled Jack Dorsey, Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood to respond to a tweet by Dorsey regarding Bitcoin. However,...
Spanish authorities claim that John McAfee was ordered to be autopsied by a judge. He was a gun-loving anti-virus pioneer, crypto promoter, and occasional politician who died while in prison awaiting extradition to the United States.
Tesla's mind of artificial intelligence, Andrej Karpathy, asserts the Organization's supercomputer is the most powerful on earth Tesla employs the neural networks to tag 4D information which comes from videos obtained via eight onboard...


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