The member is not able to raise the sponsorship necessary, but intends to present himself as a president of a microparti. JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

The rule was clear : each candidate The Republicans had to gather the support of 2,500 members to date of their contribution and of 250 elected officials, including 20 mps, to participate in the primary of the right and of the centre for the presidential election of 2017, primary which will be held on 20 and 27 November. But Frédéric Lefebvre, who has not been able to get the sponsorships necessary, is freed of this rule by declaring himself the candidate of his microparti, New Horizons. The validation of the application by the high authority remains unlikely, however.

Mr. Lefebvre believes that it has not been able to be able to present themselves under the label of the party of The Republicans, as Nicolas Sarkozy would have booked a “personal treatment” to prevent it.

” He tried to put me barriers important enough to prevent me from succeeding, culminating in the freezing of my inauguration. I am the only member of The Republicans who did it. And it was done for what ? To intimidate the mps who wanted to support me. Sarkozy even went as uttering “I’m going to take care of him and of his inauguration !”. “

Why this eagerness on the part of the president of the Republicans ? “I don’t know, you only have to ask him “, sweeps Mr. Lefebvre, visibly annoyed.

so This is the title of New Horizons, microparti that he himself founded in 2012, it has declared a candidate to ” overthrow the system “. The member arises, as well as a victim and opponent of a ” system, without a face, which is the result of a drift : the power, for thirty years, he is in paris, he is self-centered, it is énarchique. It should be understood, the system, holds all the keys of power : the banks, the boxes of the CAC40, the ministerial offices. They are the ones who lead “.


The 3,500 members claimed and a party with almost no financial resources be enough ?

” You know, no matter the number, this is what I wish, is that we redo the big policy and that we cease to deceive people. Take the number of the left and the right on the deprivation of nationality : the right requires that it be in the constitutional review, the left side of the shot, is torn. But once the president of the Republic is good and puts it in the revision of the constitution, the right as by chance… said that she will vote against ! It is absurd and hypocritical. This is only for the purpose of pulling the carpet under the foot, so that it breaks down the mouth. This is the small policy. “

Lashing out at the system’s politico-media, the former minister intends to be “the bearer of history” of his family policy in the face of the excesses of identity that cross it.

to fully Assume this positioning, it is the hope of a ” wake-up citizen and political “, while wanting to impose the themes of universal income and the collaborative economy. in a primary from the right. Provided, however, to be able to participate.

This seems highly compromised, according to an organizer of the primary, which considers that there are ” more than 99 % chance that her application would be deemed inadmissible by the High Authority. There are procedures, and there has not adhered to “.

Is this the sign of a party locked out by his head ? Frédéric Lefebvre provides. He is opposed to this practice of power, because, for him, ” the objective of the policy is to add up the differences. Of different sensitivities, such as Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and mine, must be able to express themselves in this party.”

Two grids of reading are likely to be advanced in the coming days to review this application : either it is the work of a man isolated with nothing to lose, it is the work of a man determined to carry his ideas through to the end. Anyway, the former lieutenant here has marked a definitive break with Nicolas Sarkozy. Now, he has made the choice to look straight into the eyes. “It’s not me not stop. “The verdict of the high authority is expected on 21 September.

Pierre Bussière (” The World ” Academy)

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