when the Wind is favourable, and Karl-Heinz Jung opens the window, blowing a fresh wort in. “This is the scent of the Swabian Alb,” says the 74-Year-old, “tastes of our Region, according to juniper.” The juniper heaths in the baden-württemberg-Münsingen are protected. Fifteen years ago, they were shrunk to five acres. Today, the area is again eight times as large. Also because of Karl-Heinz Jung and his colleagues have established in the year 2002, the volunteer project albwacholder. “The Heath is not a Primordial, but a cultural landscape. It needs to be maintained,” he explains, “you would abandon them, she would be gone within fifty years.”

Since the sheep of the Region, herds are becoming less and less, spruce and pine trees, sloes, barberries and black and grow of thorns unimpeded. Take these, but the juniper, the light. “So, we can help,” explains Young. And for the preservation of the heathland to dense juniper trees have to be felled. Karl-Heinz Jung from the reddish, spicy and fragrant wood, which retains its odour for many years, and a fine, straight grain, to Dry. Drinking cups, handles for knives, lids for getöpferte cans, and snack boards are made of it. “We recycle the Material up to the last crumbs,” says the trained industrial designer.

With albtypischen juniper products will be financed the maintenance of the Heath. Also 20 pounds of berries can be collected per year. With leather and hand, the Branches are rubbed shoes. In a so-called Windfege needles and moss are separated from the fruit. Then hand-picked.


A farmer’s wife makes a spicy juniper cheese from it, has developed into a regional specialty and, in the meantime, to star restaurants, it will be delivered. With the addition of ground berries during the pressing process of the raw milk cheese gets its special character. “He’s not matured as fast as he could to be sold,” said Young. Also juniper butter is offered.

A butcher from the neighboring village smoked awake ham older. A Baker sold juniper Wake up from spelt and crushed berries. A burner distilled juniper berry spirit. “Juniper is a matter for specialists”, says Karl-Heinz Jung, “today, the Least know what to do with him.”

Where, alcohol with juniper berries and all sorts of spices, enriched it in Europe probably since the late middle ages and belonged to the Standard remedies of the folk medicine. As the inventor of the gin, the German physician and chemist Franz de le Boë, the end of the 16th century. Century at the South Holland Leiden University, taught and in search of a remedy for bladder weakness – a high-proof grain distillate of juniper oil beaten.

As Gin and even moonshine war

According to this formulation, the Dutch producer Lucas Bols in his 1575, established a distillery for the first time, Genever, derived from Juniperus, from the Latin name for juniper. More than a hundred years later, the English made their national beverage, the Gin, the Name of the Kingdom was initially synonymous with booze, because it tasted awful, and quickly drunk. Only the addition of juniper and new combustion processes helped to make the Gin and presentable and, above all, easier to digest.

For several years, a lot of talk about Gin. And drink they do it more and more – not only as a universal drink, but pure. The with herbs and spices flavoured distillate is fully in the Trend. It comes down to it, a Gin and a mixture of an herb and a fruit of the spirit. A minimum of eight to ten ingredients should be. The classic spices such as coriander, Angelica, lavender, pepper, cinnamon, and especially juniper. The Rest is done according to the Gusto of the burner.

juniper-secret to The perfect Gin and Tonic

“Gin is an incredibly dynamic Spirit,” says Alexander Stein, the managing Director of Black Forest Distillery. His eight-year-young brand comes from the black forest, he called you a Monkey 47. Together with his master distiller Christoph Keller, he has approached in 120 test ion of the herbal distillate-DNA. Almost two years that took a while. “Cranberry, marshmallow blossom and Bergamot”, the 45-Year-old count, “spruce sprouts, rose hips shells, six different types of Pepper, and of course, juniper.” In total, there are 47 ingredients. A success: in 2011, the monkey from the black forest in the context of the most important Spirits award in London, was awarded “best Gin in the world”.

juniper berries in Everyday cooking

For centuries, is juniper as a magical and healthy. Not a greenhouse plays in the old herbal books a greater role. And to two generations he was in Everyday cooking much more important. Today, he is brought usually only if it is autumn and it is remembered for its digestive effect in the case of serious dishes. This juniper is very much more seasoning than just Sauerkraut or honey sauce to enrich game dishes.

juniper berries

In France, one uses the berries to Refine Pate, in Belgium for veal kidneys. In Italy, it is preserved in vinegar, in kegs out of his wood. With its slightly resinous, a little strict, but pleasant and sweet Aroma, it tastes like pine needles and a hint of sharpness brings, it harmonises well with parsley, thyme, fennel, marjoram, Bay leaves or even garlic. Lightly crushed the berries unfold their taste the best. So that your appearance is modest, you should proceed with tact, as they develop, otherwise, a dominance which is a maximum in the bath water a pleasant one.

Magnus Nilsson, for instance, juniper even collects in the seclusion of his now so-trendy Two-star Restaurants, Fäviken Magasinet, located close to the Arctic circle in Swedish Nothing. He prepares the scallops on the Grill over burning juniper branches. The Smoking mixture of charcoal and juniper gives the meat a delicate aromatic taste. This is not new, was forgotten for a long time.

And also Stefan Wiesner from the Entlebuch, the Alchemist, under the Swiss chefs, the media, people like to “warlock” – which is hardly a ragout of surprise – regularly to juniper: the red deer back in a juniper crust, Campari-Gin-Deer. Juniper berries-Crispy in a cold cucumber soup. Smoked duck breast with juniper needles marinated with Gin and baked in the oven. Or duck tartare with juniper berries and molasses. “The juniper is a spirit tree,” said Stefan Wiesner, and if a warlock says, you must believe it also.