three competition shows made it on Saturday evening to the top of the odds list: The ARD-quiz show “Who knows something XXL” reached 4.85 million viewers (market share of 17.5 per cent) number one among the Shows.

presenter Kai plum was Vorden prominent guests such as Mario Barth, Barbara schöneberger, Oliver Welke and Dieter hall. Only the Tagesschau on ARD saw previously and more people – 6.1 million (22.1 percent).

Show quota place in the RTL show “das supertalent” with Dieter Bohlen, the persecuted 3.97 million people (13.7 per cent) gained. The knowledge show of Johannes B. Kerner “Quiz Champion” in the ZDF saw 3.25 million people (market share of 11.6 percent).

the repetition of The Fantasy Action clash of the titans (2010) on Vox 1.7 million viewers (5.8 percent) moved into their spell. In the case of the adventures in the TV-show “the duel for the world Team Joko against Team Klaas” on ProSieben thrilled with 1.54 million people (6.0 per cent).

With the animated film “Kung Fu Panda 3” on Sat.1 about 1.2 million people (4.1 percent). The Fantasy Film “Beautiful Creatures – An undying love” on RTL II brought to 0.72 million viewers (2.5 percent) in front of the TV. More people (0.82 million/4.7%) were interested in the horror film “Horns – in which he goes through hell”, which the program displayed later.