3 out of 5 points no sound “Polizeiruf”, not strained the nerves on Sunday evening.What’s the point?

To see the beginning of this film we have a young woman in pink Bikini on a river Bank and looks out of the bushes. Whom did she see there? In the next 90 minutes this question is asked even more often. Because shortly thereafter, the woman is fished dead out of the Or. She was employed as an Au-pair in the house of the doctor Gerd Heise (Götz Schubert). There’s a girl disappeared 15 years ago. The commissioners Olga Lensky (Maria Simon) and Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz) and have it do the same with two cases.

Why is this “Polizeiruf 110”? Interview with Hans-Christian Schmid “to show The abysses behind the cure in the province of the world” By Carsten Heidböhmer

The script to this case, the Director Hans-Christian Schmid written together with Bernd for a Long time. Schmid is familiar with the Region, his Film “lights” from 2003 starred in the neighboring cities Frankfurt (Oder) and the Polish Słubice. In his documentary “The wondrous world of Laundry power,” he told a Polish Laundry facilities in the border area. In short: He knows the country and its people. You notice that in the Film: The characters are authentically made.

What bothers?

This crime does nothing really to produce even a hint of tension: The number of Suspects is manageable, the pace is at best slow and even otherwise, The case Sikorska differs only rarely from well-trodden Paths. A few moments of Surprise would not hurt.

The commissioners?

This “Polizeiruf 110” without the private antics. Olga, Lensky, and Adam Raczek meet on a purely official level. Here not a child from school must be picked up, no relationship of stress to be cemented. The concentration on the case is quite refreshing.

on or Off?

make sure nothing is wrong, when you turn this “Polizeiruf 110”. If you are not yet tired, and a really good mystery will want to see, switch over to 3Sat. There, in one Take recorded “the scene of the crime”episode will be shown from 22 at “The music is the last to die”, which was first broadcast in August.