The actors Lucas Gregorowicz (“Polizeiruf 110”) once wanted to be a rock star in England. At 17, he dropped out in Bochum in the school and had gone to London, said the 42-Year-old the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

the Plan, however, was nothing. “I got to Pizza and this is very good motorcycle learn to drive in the left side of the road.” He have also worked in restaurant kitchens and sold eggs and potatoes door-to-door, told Gregorowicz.

With 20 years ago, he came back to Bochum and had made there at the Schauspielhaus an internship. The theatre was fascinating, and after several minor Jobs he had as an actor auditioned, “and took me right the first Time”.

self-critical, the 42-Year-old commented on his Internet use: “It’s addictive … I can’t deal with this Oversupply of pretty much everything.” In the time before Smartphones, he still managed to refrained for a week on the Internet. “I would hope as a national action a Internet free week, and would be curious if it would stand the Nation.”