Every year there is a new challenge. There are people who can’t make it in every Winter for the task, to listen to the Christmas eve, more than five seconds, “Last Christmas”. Are allowed (almost) all means: scream, run away, with a Heavy Metal lock. “Last-Christmas-Challenge” is the name of the game among music fans, or (in English) “Whamageddon”.

most of them fail miserably. No one can in the medium term, the Hit of the Band Wham! from the year 1984 to escape – just as little as you can escape Christmas. And that’s exactly why Last Christmas “of the year’s Christmas, we have earned”.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart …

The Evergreen everyone knows. The Song is before Christmas, so ubiquitous, that everyone already dozens of times. And he’s so pushy that he settles immediately as a catchy tune. Also a reason why people try to go to this Song out of the way – especially those that pride themselves on their supposedly sophisticated music taste. “Last Christmas” is the most successful Song with the worst Image.

The Feast of love, 10 tips for a harmonious Christmas By Victoria my wood

Meanwhile, the Hit is a part of easy. Therefore, no one is more concerned with what a Songwriter and singer George Michael at the time, actually. “Last Christmas” is about the opposite of what gives the decal of Christmas, every December, and usually long before that is presented to us.

… but the very next day you gave it away

in “Last Christmas” is about love, gifts and special people. But the love brings only disappointment, the gift is a heart, which is only used, and in the case of the special people of the doubt, not with the background of whether he or she is just like all the others.

This is not on closer Listening, and lack of mulled wine for a warm feeling around the heart. But the reality is – not always, but often. That is why this Song fits so well in the Christmas season: He sets a counterpoint. Because just around Christmas to take it with reality is usually not as accurate.

This year to save me from tears …

As cities Shine in a kitsch mud of colorful lights and Christmas stars. Children assure Santa that you were always a good boy. The a give people something because you need it, and the other to do so, as they were happy to receive these gifts, because they have to. You will donate a few Euro to charity organizations, in order to feel with a clear Conscience, yet a bit more comfortable. And even the Church has made a Feast, which is reminiscent of a birth under the most adverse circumstances, a feel-good event. The reality is you’re not supposed to bother us before Christmas please.

holiday escape, The number of Christmas-objector rises

It is almost a little ironic that the Soundtrack to all of this, actually, is a musical counterpoint. No pre-dangled Idyll of “silent night”, not a nice Jazz Christmas album by Michael Bublé. Wham! created 34 years ago, a year’s Christmas of pain and disappointment. A merciless content in the harmless guise. As Christmas is often not just the celebration of love and comfort, but often in dispute and Stress-degenerate, even if nobody says so. A Song that you kind of forced into it, for a Festival that is a part of.

… I’ll give it to someone special

George Michael has used in his lyrics a number of words, which we want to escape with what we like to call Christmas spirit, really: tears, stupidity, tiredness, souls of ice. Christmas can be a nice break from all of this. Only too often, but the reality of power but also in December, no Pause, as desirable as that would be.

“Last Christmas” reminds us that the world itself is at Christmas healing – if we will listen. And Yes, “Last Christmas” can be annoying sometimes. So like Christmas.