“Post this video for all the moms”: Ashley Graham positions herself against the body pressure on women after childbirth. All bodies at every stage of life should be considered normal, the model demands.

Five months after the birth of her twins, US model Ashley Graham sent a statement against the slimness craze.

¬ęPosting this video for all the moms whose characters haven’t “returned to their original form” yet and maybe never will. And for anyone who needs a reminder that your body is beautiful in its actual form,” the 34-year-old wrote on Instagram along with a short clip of her in her lingerie and in a good mood on the set of a photo shoot.

This is her strong five-month-after-birth body, the model wrote – “as it is.” And she stressed that all bodies at absolutely every stage of life should increasingly be considered normal.

Graham, who has long been a champion of self-acceptance and against exclusionary ideals of beauty, gave birth to twin sons, Malachi and Roman, in January. She also has a two-year-old son, Isaac, with her husband, film director Justin Ervin.