Without further comment or major announcement, Prince William has sold the street newspaper “The Big Issue” in London.

Without much fanfare, Prince William (39) has worked for a good cause. In London, the Royal has sold the street newspaper “The Big Issue”. He wore a distinctive red vest and cap that identify homeless people as official vendors.

Pictures are circulating on social media showing the royal on the street. “An unexpected meeting with Prince William,” writes Instagram user Vitalijus Zuikauskas about a photo of the two. The Lithuanian recently traveled to the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee (96).

“A huge and pleasant surprise”

Zuikauskas told The Daily Telegraph that he couldn’t believe it at first, just to see the prince on the street. Prince William was “really very kind” and agreed to a photo without further ado. For him it was “a huge and pleasant surprise” – and his highlight of the visit.

A cashier from a nearby store told the newspaper that William was there “a good 45 minutes”. He was very “down to earth”, which is why people didn’t recognize him at first.

As with other street magazines, the sale of “The Big Issue” aims to provide income for the homeless. William or representatives of the Queen’s grandson have not yet commented on the surprising action.