“Princess Charming” is about to start its new season. RTL will show the new episodes from mid-June.

28-year-old Hanna will soon be looking for love in the second season of “Princess Charming”. The dating show will be on RTL from June 14th, as the streaming portal announced on Instagram. The new episodes will also be broadcast on VOX at a later date.

This is the new Princess Charming Hanna

Hanna from Hanover will get to know 19 singles in Greece – and maybe even find her dream woman. The new Princess Charming describes herself as “humorous, funny and very spirited”. A special challenge for her on the show: “Making the right decision about who has to leave the house and who can stay.” She believes that this could be even easier at the beginning. Towards the end of the season, “where hopefully most people will feel connected to each other, simply because of the special time they spent together”, this will probably become more difficult.

She explains that love is “complicated” for her in other ways too. Hanna is not a person “with whom it is easy to deal. It has to fit very well between us on the character level so that you can get along with me. I can be quite exhausting.”

In addition, she is not only looking for a partner, something else is also important to her in the format: “The more the media shows about ‘non-heterosexual’ people, the more likely this topic will be normalized and give people the opportunity to be what they want to be – without sexual orientation playing an important role.”