Princess Madeleine will not be spending her birthday in Sweden. This has now been confirmed by the head of information at the Swedish court.

Princess Madeleine (39) will not celebrate her birthday in Sweden. The farm information manager Margareta Thorgren has now confirmed this in an interview with the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning”. Madeleine celebrates her 40th birthday on Friday (June 10). However, she will not spend it with the royal family, but most likely with husband Christopher “Chris” O’Neill (47) and their children, Princess Leonore (8), Prince Nicolas (6) and Princess Adrienne (4) in Florida. More exact birthday plans of the Royal are not known.

Royal family congratulates “from afar”

According to Thorgren, Princess Madeleine should only travel to Sweden again at the end of June. Nevertheless, the farm will celebrate the birthday: “Tomorrow we will draw attention to your birthday in the usual way, with a picture on the farm’s website.” The royal family will “congratulate Madeleine from afar”. “But above all, they will celebrate her when she comes home,” continues the information manager.

Fans of the princess can also congratulate her. The best way to do this would be via social media or a new contact function on the farm’s website. According to Thorgren, anyone who wants to donate something in the name of the princess should try to help the children’s charity “World Childhood Foundation”, which Madeleine “close to her heart”.