Marriage to an IS fighter and possession of a Kalashnikov: A 15-year-old is said to have joined the Islamic State terrorist militia in 2015. Now a verdict has been made.

The Naumburg Higher Regional Court has sentenced a former IS fighter to a two-year suspended prison sentence.

A court spokesman announced on Wednesday shortly after the non-public pronouncement of the verdict in Halle that the 22-year-old is leaving the court at large. Nevertheless, the first criminal protection senate found the accused guilty of several charges.

Accordingly, the court saw membership in a foreign terrorist organization as well as a violation of the Weapons Act and the War Weapons Control Act as proven. However, the court acquitted the accused of the charge of aiding and abetting a crime against humanity.

Marriage with IS fighters

In 2015, the then 15-year-old accused joined the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia, the spokesman said. There she married an IS fighter, owned a firearm and temporarily had “power over a Kalashnikov” – a weapon that is subject to the War Weapons Control Act. However, the court did not see sufficient evidence for the aid to the alleged aid in keeping a Yazidi slave.

The verdict is not yet legally binding. The accused can appeal against the verdict within a week.