Queen Elizabeth II is back on stage. For the first time since her platinum anniversary, she has now appeared in public again.

Queen Elizabeth II (96) appeared in public for the first time since her platinum anniversary on Monday in Edinburgh, Scotland. Only on Monday morning was it confirmed at short notice that the Queen will be present at the Ceremony of the Keys. Due to their limited mobility, their official appointments have only been announced a few hours in advance for some time now. According to British media reports, she took part in the official opening ceremony of the so-called Holyrood week together with her youngest son Prince Edward (58) and his wife Countess Sophie (57).

She was symbolically handed the key to his city by the incumbent mayor. However, tradition dictates that the Queen promptly releases this key and entrusts it to Edinburgh’s elected officials for safe keeping. The Queen is expected to stay in the Scottish capital until at least Friday.

Queen Elizabeth II is not expected at the garden party in Edinburgh

The celebratory highlight of royal week is set to be the garden party at Holyrood House, the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh. However, it was announced in May that the Queen would not be attending. There she is represented by her heir to the throne, Prince Charles (73). The organizers of the party are their children Prince Charles, Princess Anne (71) and Prince Edward. Her third son Prince Andrew, 62, is not welcome at the celebrations due to his involvement in the Epstein scandal.