In the south of the republic, drivers have to leave significantly less money at the petrol stations than in other federal states. The reports the ADAC.

Fuel prices in Germany currently vary greatly between the federal states. Between the most expensive and the cheapest countries are more than 9 cents for both diesel and premium E10 petrol, as the ADAC announced on Tuesday. It is therefore cheapest to fill up in Saarland and Bavaria.

Super E10 cost 2.046 euros per liter on Tuesday at 11 a.m. in Bavaria, 2.057 euros in Saarland and 2.070 euros in Baden-Württemberg. In Saxony-Anhalt at the other end of the scale, on the other hand, 2.140 euros were due, in Brandenburg 2.137 and in Bremen 2.130.

When it comes to diesel, Saarland is the cheapest: at 1.996 euros, it is the only federal state to be below the two euro mark. It was followed by Rhineland-Palatinate with 2.004 and Bavaria with 2.010 euros per liter. At the other end of the scale are Schleswig Holstein with 2.091 euros, Bremen with 2.072 and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with 2.057 euros per liter.