She was in a relationship with Prince Harry for seven years. Even after their split, Chelsy Davy and the Queen’s grandson remained on good terms. Now the 36-year-old has married.

With interruptions, she was the woman at Prince Harry’s side for around seven years. Quite a few have already seen her as a future member of the royal family, even wished for it. But Chelsy Davy did not want to be a royal bride, from 2011 she and Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson finally went their separate ways after several separations and reconciliations.

Now the 36-year-old has become a bride after all, albeit not a royal one: According to British media reports, the native Zimbabwean has married her friend from student days, the hotelier Sam Cutmore-Scott. The 37-year-old was at Eton a year above Prince Harry.

The wedding is said to have taken place in a small circle. Davy gave birth to her first child in January. Cutmore-Scott is said to be the father of son Leo.

Chelsy Davy was in a relationship with Prince Harry for around seven years

Chelsy Davy has now entered the port of marriage four years after her famous ex. Even after their split, Harry and Chelsy remained on good terms with each other. Although it was over in 2010, she accompanied the royal in 2011 to his brother Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

The party-loving lawyer and entrepreneur was also a welcome guest at royal festivities in the years that followed. So she invited Prince Harry in 2018 when he married Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. She also wanted Princess Eugenie to be there when she tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank that same year.

Chelsy may not be a royal with her own wedding, but her new family is also impressive: husband Sam Cutmore-Scott is the manager of the Harper Hotel in Holt, Norfolk. And his brother a well-known film star: Jack Cutmore-Scott starred in Christopher Nolan’s Oscar winner “Tenet” and is known to series fans for his role in the US crime series “Deception – Magic of Crime”.

Should she have any questions about how to deal with a movie star in the family, she can turn to her ex in confidence in the future.

Source used: “Daily Mail”