Russia and Belarus have agreed on mutual recognition of visas

the foreign Ministers of Russia and Belarus Sergey Lavrov and Uladzimir Makei signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas between the two countries. The ceremony was held in Minsk.

the Agreement means that citizens of third countries who have a visa of Russia or Belarus may enter, leave and sojourn in the territory of these States during the validity period of the visa. For example, the foreigner is a Belarusian visa, so he has the right to come to Russia and stay here.

the Russian side has promised to remove controls at their airports on flights from Belarus. In addition, the agreement provides for the integration of information resources. This means that the authorities of Moscow and Minsk will share data about border crossings, about issued and revoked visas and permits for temporary or permanent residence, reports “Interfax”.

Sergei Lavrov noted that the signing of the agreement will be very well received and will continue joint construction of the Union state.

Earlier in Minsk hosted the meeting of Russian diplomats with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The President noted that the relations between the two countries will be able to solve existing problems.